Using the Insertion Bar

This help article shows how to use the Insertion Bar feature in the Lists Panel. The Insertion Bar allows you to choose a specific place to insert citations and text into your list. Follow the steps below or watch the help video to learn more about this feature.

  1. Locate the Insertion Bar at the bottom of your list. This is the default location until you move it. If the Insertion Bar does not appear in your lists, follow step #6 of these instructions to enable the feature.

  2. There are two ways you can move the Insertion Bar:

    1. Use the 9-dot icon to drag-and-drop the Insertion Bar. Click and hold the 9-dot icon, drag it to your desired location, and release the mouse. This is the same as dragging-and-dropping any citation in your list.

    2. Choose a location where you would like to move the Insertion Bar. Next, click (or tap) on the 3-dot menu of the nearest citation, and then click (or tap) “Move Insertion Bar.” Choose either “Above” or “Below,” and the Insertion Bar will move above/below that citation. You may find this option easier if you are working with a long list of citations.

  3. Next, choose whether new citations will be inserted above or below the Insertion Bar. If the arrow is pointing up, citations will be added above the Insertion Bar, if it is pointing down, citations will be added below the Insertion Bar. To change the direction of the arrow, simply click on the arrow.

  4. Once the Insertion Bar is positioned, navigate to the Study Tools or Read Panel. Next, use the 3-dot menu to add citations directly into your List, and the new citations will appear at the Insertion Bar.

  5. Single-clicking on the Insertion Bar will allow you to manually input a citation and a corresponding annotation into your list. Once saved, the citation will be added either above or below the Insertion Bar depending on the direction of the gray arrow.

  6. To toggle the Insertion Bar feature off, go to the Settings menu above the Lists Panel and select the “List Preferences” drop-down menu. Choose “Disable Insertion Bar.” To turn Insertion Bars back on, go to the Settings menu and choose “Enable Insertion Bar.” When the Insertion Bar feature is turned back on, all Insertion Bars will appear at the bottom of each of your lists.