Lists - Paste (Import) Citations

This video shows how to paste (or import) citations from outside Concord and add them to an existing or new List in the new Concord.

(For fullscreen: Click the "YouTube" logo and then click the box icon in the lower right corner)


Please note: The video shows how to import on a computer (laptop or desktop). You can also import citations on a tablet or mobile device

Instructions for adding multiple citations at once to Concord

1. Create a new list in Concord.  

2. Title the list and click “Save”.

3. Select “Import Citations”.

4. Choose an option for how you want to add multiple citations:

Option #1: Add from a separate document (Email or Word/Google doc)

a. Select the citations from the document or email where you have a list of citations. 
Use the menu to Edit —> Copy 
OR Right click —> Copy
OR use keyboard shortcuts: (Mac) Cmd+c | (PC) Ctrl+c

b. Click the Import button in your Concord List

c. Paste the citations into the Import 
Use the menu to Edit —> Paste
OR Right click —> Paste
OR use keyboard shortcuts: (Mac) Cmd+v | (PC) Ctrl+v

Option #2: Add citations manually by typing them 

a. Click the Import button.

b. Type the first citation you'd like to add.

c. Hit Enter (Return on a Mac) key.

d. Type the next citation.

e. Continue until you have add all the citations you want to Import.

5. Select “Validate”

6. Correct invalidated citations.

  • Invalid verse – Use pencil icon to edit the citation.


  • Invalid citation structure – Use pencil icon to edit the citation or checkbox, “Add as Free Text”.


  • If multiple citations need to be changed, check “Add as Free Text” box at the top.


7. Select “Import Now”.

Example of a successfully imported list: