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Instructions and video to help you with subscribing to Concord.

(For fullscreen: Click the "YouTube" logo and then click the box icon in the lower right corner)

Thank you for your interest in subscribing to Concord. 

What type of subscriber are you?

  • New subscriber
  • Previous owner of Concord
  • Student subscriber

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Previous Concord Subscriber

New Concord Subscriber

Student Concord Subscriber

Written Instructions to subscribe:

  1. Log into your Concord account at
  2. To access your account information and subscribe you will click or tap on the following:

              Computer/laptop - click your email address in the top bar

              iPad - Tap the Gear icon in the top bar, then tap Profile in the menu

             Smart phone - Tap the  button at the bottom, then tap Profile in the menu

     3.   On the screen, you will see a box labelled “Account Info.” In that box, click the “Subscribe” button.

In the Account Info box, find the "Subscription Status" heading.
If it says, "Free Trial" afterward, you have not yet subscribed.
If it says, $7.50/month or $80/year (or $5/month or $60/year for students), you have subscribed and no further action is necessary at this time.
You can stop here.

     4.   On the next screen, choose one of the three options:

           - For new subscribers, select your payment plan, and click “Continue.”
           - For previous subscribers or owners (to any version of Concord), enter your Concord info, click “Continue,” and then select your payment plan.
           - For students, enter your school info, click “Continue,” and then select your payment plan.

    5.   Click “Continue.”

    6.   Enter your Billing and Credit Card information.

    7.   Click “Review Order” to review your subscription information, and click “Complete Subscription.”

    8.   You should receive an email confirming your subscription. Your “Subscription Status” under “Account Info” in Concord will designate the subscription type you selected. It may initially say “Subscription Pending,” and should update within 24 hours.