Search Concord - Alternate Spellings

Have you searched for a word but weren't sure you were getting all the various spellings in Concord? Not to worry, we thought of that.

This is not about synonyms for God, but regular English-language synonyms. Concord is able to resolve synonymous terms to the same search result for words commonly spelled differently between the Bible and writings of Mary Baker Eddy. We also included a number of British spellings so that users may type using either spelling. 

Some examples of the many alternative spellings in Concord are listed below:

    • amid, 'mid, mid, amidst, midst, 'midst

    • color, colour

    • Esculapius, Asclepius, Aesculapius, Æsculapius

    • defence, defense

    • fac-similes, facsimiles

    • goodbye, goodby, good-by, good-bye

    • labouring, laboring, labouring, lab'ring

    • mollusc, mollusk

    • quickening, quick'ning

    • today, to-day

    • woolen, woollen

    • ...and hundreds more!